Security & Personal Information

• Security

The COMPANY recognizes the importance of security issues concerning personal data, as well as online transactions, and took all necessary measures by means of the most modern and advanced methods in order to ensure maximum safety. All information related to users’ personal data are treated confidentially.

The security of the COMPANY online store is achieved by the following methods:


• Customer Identification

There are two codes used for your identification: the Username and the Personal Security Code (Password), which every time you enter them gives you absolutely secure access to your personal data. You are given the possibility to change your password as often as you wish. The only person who has the access to your data with the above codes is you, and you are solely responsible for the maintaining of their secrecy from the third parties. In case of their loss or leakage you must inform us immediately, otherwise the store of the COMPANY shall not be responsible for the use of codes by an unauthorized person. The online store of the COMPANY in no way discloses or publishes your personal data and the information entrusted to us. The personal data placed at our disposal by your registration as a member are used exclusively for execution of your transactions. All the information is encrypted and is being kept in absolute safety.


• Confidentiality of Your Personal Data Transfer

To provide the confidentiality of the data transfer we use the SSL-128/256 bit encryption protocol. The system is certified by the Comodo Company which is specialized on transaction security issues.


• Encryption

From the beginning till the end of online session at online store of the COMPANY all the information and your personal data are encrypted by virtue of SSL-128/256 bit encryption protocol. The cryptography basically is a way of codification of information until it reaches its certain recipient who will be able to decode it using an appropriate key. Every time you connect to online store of the COMPANY the communication between your computer and the COMPANY systems is encrypted using the 128/256 bit key. That is to say every time you send information to the system, your browser firstly encrypts it using 128/256 bit key and then sends it to the system. The system of the COMPANY firstly decrypts received information using the same key (which is prearranged at the beginning of your connection with the service) and after comes to its processing. The systems of the COMPANY transmit information to you following the same encryption procedure.


• Access Codes: Username and Password

To log in to online store enter your Username and your Personal Security Code (Password). The online store of the COMPANY makes it possible for you to change password as often as you wish. And for safety reasons we advise you to change your password at regular intervals and to avoid using the same codes.


• Personal Data - Confidentiality of Transactions

The users’ data (name, surname, e-mail address, residential address, phone number, etc.) and the transaction data of the online store customers are considered confidential as in ordinary transactions at commercial stores. Users, while providing their data during transactions, shall be informed by the COMPANY, shall consent and accept the imminent personal data processing for the needs of a smooth and easy transaction between parties, as well as for transmission of these data to specifically identified recipients, who are the employees and agents of the COMPANY, in the context of agreement processing. Likewise, by present document it is notified of the right of access and the right to challenge the articles 12 and 13 of the law № 2472/1997.

It is certified that only authorized employees have an access to transaction information and only when it is necessary, for example, for the order processing. As for the rest, the COMPANY is committed not to disclose the customers’ data and their transaction data, unless there is a written authorization from them or if it is prescribed according to the court decision or to the decision of another state authority. Personal data stated to the online store of the CHICUEL trademark are used exclusively by the online store and by collaborating services, with the aim of support, promotion and execution of transaction. All the documents and electronic data exchanged by the parties shall be kept by the COMPANY. Customers can have an access to them if needed.